Painting Demonstrations

Learn painting by following these online demonstrations. These examples show you how to paint and teach you techniques of the masters. Learn how to paint landscapes, abstract, expressionistic, cubistic, modernistic, photorealistic or surrealistic using acryl paint, oil paint or watercolor paint.

Oil Painting 102 Learn to paint fruit!

Pomegranate - daily painting by Dan P. Carr

Oil Painting Demonstrations, Hall Groat II, New York Art

Learning To Oil Paint #3 - Autumn on Black Canvas

Paint, How To: Learn to Paint

Painting the Reclining Nude V

Learn from nature, paint wisteria

How to paint water drops

How to Paint with Acrylic Paint : How to Paint a Sky Using Acrylics

A Lesson in Oil Painting Part 1

Learn to Oil Paint part 2

Learn to Oil Paint Lesson 3

Learn to oil paint part 4

Learn to Paint (by a French painter)

How to paint an Adirondack Lake

Painting the Lord Of The Rings: painting Lothlorien

How to paint with Acrylic Paint

Watercolor painting of a landscape

Watercolor Demonstration, Snowy Central Park of New York

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